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in winchester, 49 at dulles airport, 57 in fredericksburg, lexington park where there's been more sunshine. look at live super doppler 7. a few sprinkles. first, over the south side of beltway, the wilson bridge rea, stretching from burke springfield and across into upper marlborough, just a few sprinkles out there to speak of. headed northbound, straddling frederick and even clipping parts of upper montgomery county hills, a few sprinkles as well, and off to west, near winchester, shenandoah valley. a few sprinkles. in southern maryland, some sunshine. white is the clouds. ground.k is just the rappahannock and culpeper , sunshine. fredericksburg, 57 degrees at this time. satellite and radar composite, notice the circulation, leftovers from sandy. the upper level circulation in canada, the quebec area. there is the circulation, the upper level low pressure system. but there is energy swinging in backside of that which drop in early tomorrow morning. i do think that could bring us a more sprinkles tomorrow maybe one or two flurries tomorrow morning. nothing to get excited about or about, just iso
. mittal for the southern maryland and lexington park. there is milder air to the south west, not tremendously warmer, a lot colder air off to the north and west. we remain under this cooler air mass the next several days, keeping the temperature is about average this below year.f but not be surprised if tomorrow some areas do not get out of the r 40's for the daytime highs. than it wass colder the 24 hours ago at airport. ae satellite radar, g throughce pushin virginia, central virginia. this is pushing towards the south and east. no impact on our. clouds continue to mainly south of the d.c.. more sunshine in the morning to d.c. rth of especially around hagerstown, southern pennsylvania. the future-cast exit 48 hours, north, theo the temperatures hovering around 50 degrees. monday, more sunshine, brighter the departure still quite cool this time of year. -- the temperature still quite cold this time of year. temperatures fall into the overnight, partly cloudy. tomorrow, if you like this day, a little bit brighter. the extended outlook, quiet on election day tuesday. question
are in the 40's and 50's. 57 in hagerstown 54 within westchester. 45 quantico. lexington park 55. the average morning low is about 42 so normally we would be closer to 40 and even 30's in a few spots. not today. another mild one. yesterday we reached 71 at reagan national. today i think it will be pretty similar. a good amount of sunshine but increasing clouds will lead to areas of rain. even tomorrow morning during the early part of the commute we could have some areas of rain. we will have a beautiful shot of the sunrise at about 6:45 a.m. there is a look at the federal city. we will go now to steve with traffic. >> we will look at 395 near duke street. we had an earlier accident southbound on 395 and that was cleared and everything is open. it didn't cause a delay. main lanes and h.o.v. lanes moving nicely without incident. h.o.v. restrictions lifted all around the region except route 5 50 in maryland. near 109 usually slow by there time but today better than usual, a little volume but not enough to slow down. we are good down 270. we will head over to the map and show you
the board in the 50's and 60's, 54 culpepper, 5 degrees southern maryland, for lexington park. plenty of mild air to go around. detroit, pittsburgh, charleston, asheville, all looking at temperatures now in the 60's. you don't have to head too far to the west. look at minneapolis, now 27 degrees. the story is not really the cold front but the 24-hour temperature change compared to yesterday at this time now about 40 degrees colder in minneapolis. this cold front moves our way over the next 24 hours. clouds will increase for the day tomorrow, and with the clouds the rain will start tomorrow night into early tuesday morning. by tuesday afternoon, all of this will be out of here. satellite and radar, high pressure now moved just off the coast. here's that cold front marching towards chicago at this time, dropping quite a bit of rain, nothing severe. notice the back edge of this frontal system, not a whole lot of snow. the really cold air is going to take a little bit of time to filter behind it. so any showers or rain we see in our area, no need to worry
. around lexington park and colonial beach showers. and this is starting to diminish and will continue to do so going through the rest of the morning. be prepared to get sunshine in here as we go throughout the day. right now, temperatures are cold coming in at 40 degrees in stevensville and catonsville at 38 and west friendship at 34 degrees right now. we do have patchy fog in frederick. so, be prepared for that as you roll out and about. look at the planner. 49 degrees by lunchtime. quite chilly and the sunshine and the clouds still mixing together. by the afternoon, the high temperature coming in at 51 degrees. and don't think we will be socked in like i toll charley. we will get sunshine high pressure is going to do its thing. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. we are dealing with a very serious crash in baltimore county. it's in white marsh and has shut down philadelphia road at bradshaw road. baltimore county police crash team is on the scene and we will bring you the very latest as it becomes available. you will want to stick with
in martinsburg. southern maryland, looking at 50 in lexington park. milder temperatures to the south and west. a good indication of what is on the way as we move closer towards thanksgiving. wednesday, thursday, upper 50's- 60 degrees. 24 are temperature change not so significant for us in d.c. the milder air is out there. we will see a difference as we move to the next few days. here is a coastal storm, the first batch of clouds to arrive. this will keep our temperature in the 30's as opposed to the 20's tonight. the cloud cover is acting as a dome of insulation that will keep our temperatures up a little bit. the rain and showers should remain well off the coast. macy a shower or two across the peninsula early tomorrow. we will look for a mix of sun and clouds later tomorrow afternoon. temperatures will be in the lower to middle 50's. a few more clouds as we move to the day on tuesday. milder air by wednesday, thursday, friday. forecast for tonight partly to mostly cloudy skies. 32-40 degrees. daytime highs tomorrow in the lower to middle 50's. here is the extended outlook. a look at thank
in gaithersburg. 44 in annapolis. lexington park has 44 degrees as well. temperatures should make it into the middle or upper 50's by this afternoon. very little out there other than blue skies and sunshine. finally, looking forecast. it is nice to be the messenger on that one. let's check on traffic. >> hopeful the messenger of good news, too. right now the story is no troubles at all of you are hitting the road early. everyone heading toward the beltway. your travel plans are opened. they were wrapping everything up a lot of work going on there. on the maryland side of the beltway we are looking at 270 travel lanes are open. heading into the nation's capital across the anacostia bridge, no trouble there. quiet across the 14th street bridge. >> it is 5:02 our big story is the showdown over the fiscal clothes. just after 1:00 the president will talk about what needs to be done to avoid the cliff that could send the country back into recession. >> he could have a tough road ahead when it comes to compromise and with republicans. -- compromising with republicans. >> we will catch u
of today and also get sunshine in. traveling around came bridge prince frederick and lexington park be prepared for light shower activity. but this morning, and this afternoon, this is what you can he can spt. temperatures 51 degrees still chilly dan enand don't forget we will have sunshine heading throughout the day. now over to you. >> we will stay on top of the deadly car crash. find more at >> now back to new york for more good morning america. ♪ >>> happy crowd, all bundled up in times square. and d.j. kalkutta in the house, for deejay friday. having some fun. i know robin loves deejay friday. amy robach here this morning. >> thank you very much. we've been having some fun on the set. remember this fantastic former "play of the day." oh, look at him going to town with his birthday cake. >> love it. >> videos like this have become so popular, there's a name for the trend. it's called smash cake. and we decided to bring a bunch of babies here to get ready to dig into their dessert. what's cuter than a baby with cake all over? >> is that a trend now? >> come on. >>
not serve a up a bit of surprise when it comes to deserts. stella parks pastry chef with 310 in lexington. teamed up with gashed and gun magazine to create these twists on traditional deserts. one of the reasons food and wine magazine named you one of the top pastry chefs country. i'm the glue ten free guy. you have glued ten free recipes on blog blog which is brave tart. we are everybody ising up pumpkin pie spice brownies. >> brownie recipe with pumpkin pie spices gives it a nice fall flare. cut it into wedges instead of a square. square on a brownie looks like a picnic table. >> cut it up like a pie. >> yeah. >> are these pumpkin seeds. >> pumpkin seeds. great thing to add for kids who have nut allergies. you don't have to worry about anything with pumpkin seeds. recipe is on garden and gun. anyone who wants to make pumpkin pie spice brownies. >> how long does this take to bake up. >> super fast to make. 20 minutes. >> i'm going to get this do camerota in just a minute. up next is the brown sugar pear and pistachio cake. we don't have enough time to bake a cake in this segment believe
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)